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Crisis in Wales

We provide one to one support for homeless people in South Wales, and are developing long-term solutions to end homelessness for good.

English / Cymraeg

Together we will end homelessness in Wales

In Wales our team provides education, training and support for people threatened with homelessness, or who are homeless, in South Wales.

We carry out research to understand homelessness in Wales and campaign for the changes needed to end it for good.

Homelessness is rising in Wales. That is why we were pleased to be invited by the Welsh Government to convene a panel of experts looking at how changes to the law could help to end homelessness.

Crisis Skylight South Wales

Crisis Skylight South Wales works with people who are homeless and vulnerably housed. 


Adel's story
Since I’ve been working with Crisis, and since Crisis have been working with me, I’ve been building my confidence back up. Adel

There’s a lot going on for me now. It’s amazing. I’ve gone from that drunk, nobody wanted to know, to having my life back on track. People who know me can’t believe it. Have we got the right Adel? They ask. They can’t believe how much I’ve changed. But I wanted to change my life around. 

At Crisis Skylight South Wales we offer help to support people in their journey out of homelessness and towards independence.

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Homelessness Monitor Wales

The Homelessness Monitor: Wales 2021 is the fourth report in Wales of an independent study of the homelessness impacts of recent economic and policy developments in the UK, commissioned and funded by Crisis.


The Homelessness Monitor: Wales 2021

Local ways to get involved


We are currently working out how we can best mobilise our volunteers to support our members and other people who are affected by homelessness.


Take action to help end homelessness. We campaign for policy solutions to prevent and end homelessness in Wales and across the rest of Britain.