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Privacy policy

Crisis' commitment to your privacy and data protection

At Crisis we are committed to protecting your privacy and handling your information in the right way. Your trust matters to us because without your support we couldn't do our vital work to end homelessness.

We only ask for, or collect your personal information, to help us run and improve our services and to talk to you about our work. You can change your mind about receiving marketing information and personal contact from us at any time.

  • We make sure your personal information is always secure and protected.
  • We are fair, clear and honest about how we use the personal information we hold about you. If you ever feel unsure about how we use your personal data, please always ask us to explain.

This policy explains:

We don’t want to know or collect every personal detail about you. But what we do collect helps support our work to help end homelessness.

We define your personal information as any information that could be used to identify you.

Find more about the types of personal information we collect about you. Please see our Supporters, Crisis Skylight Members, Volunteers or Children and Young People, or Recruitment sections.

We want to be honest and transparent in everything we do, including how and when we collect personal information, where we keep it and how it’s kept safe and secure. We collect it in several different ways. For example, it could be information you share with us directly, or that we collect through email and our website.  

Below are the varied reasons why we collect information. We might not use it for all the reasons below – it depends on your relationship with us. For example, whether you use our services, support our campaigns or events, donate money or your time as a volunteer.  

Find more about the personal information we collect on our Crisis Supporters, Crisis Skylight Members, Crisis Volunteers or Children and Young People, Crisis recruitment sections.

At Crisis, we want you to understand your rights around data protection and feel you are always in control of your personal information. We will do everything we can to help you. If you feel that anything we say about your rights is not clear, please get in touch. Our data protection team at will be happy to help. 

Under data protection law, you have the right to… 

Know how your information will be used. This is your right to be informed. 

Request a copy of your information from our data protection team. We must reply within a month unless a case may be extended. This is your right of access 

Ask that we correct inaccurate or incomplete information, delete it (under certain circumstances) or request we only use it for certain purposes. These are your rights of rectification, erasure and restrictions of processing. 

Stop your information being ‘processed’ – used – under certain circumstances, in both on and offline situations. These situations include direct mailing. This is your right to object. 

Ask for your personal information and transfer it to different IT environments. The right of data portability means you can copy or transfer your information from one IT environment to another – for example, from one banking service to another, or from one utility provider to another. However, it is unlikely that you would ever need to use this right in your relationships with us.  

To exercise any of these rights, please let us know on

Sometimes, the law might stop us from doing as you ask. You might ask us to delete all information we have about you, but this might not be possible. For example, if you have Gift Aided a donation to us, HMRC requires that we keep Gift Aid and donation information for seven years.  

There may be other occasions for example where you ask us not to send you marketing but also ask us to delete your data.  If we delete data we hold about you, we may not be able to prevent you from receiving marketing from us, especially for our Christmas appeal where Crisis buys postal data from brokers of people who are inclined to donate to charities. We always check data purchased against our suppression files to ensure we do not send marketing to people who have already asked us not to - in fully deleting records there is a risk we many inadvertently start sending someone marketing again. 

If you are: 

a Crisis supporter  

If you are a Crisis supporter, you can update your information about how you would like us to contact you. You can find the information to unsubscribe or link to our contact preference centre on any emails from us. You can also contact our supporter services team on 08000 38 48 38, or email: .   Calls to the 08000 number are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. 

a Crisis member  

If you are a Crisis Skylight member, talk to your lead worker at your Crisis Skylight Centre 

a Crisis volunteer 

If you are a Crisis volunteer, you are considered a supporter, so please use the details above.  However, if you need to talk about this with someone, speak to the person who supports your volunteering.  In Client Services and Fundraising this is your Volunteer and Involvement Lead, in shops the Shop Manager.  For Crisis at Christmas volunteers, please use the details above.   

A cookie is a small text file containing small amounts of information. When you visit our website, it passes to your computer and your other devices through your web browser so that our website can remember who you are. We also have third party cookies and pixels on many of our web pages. Third-party cookies collect information about the pages you view and may share them with other organisations/companies to present you with adverts when you are online. 

Our website gives you control over the type of cookies you want to allow on the devices you use to access the internet. You can change your level of control at any time by visiting the ‘manage preferences’ box at the bottom of any page of our website. 

For more details on our cookie policy and a description of the cookies we use please see our Remarketing and Cookie policy.

Your support is important to us, and we want you to feel you are always treated honestly, clearly and respectfully. If you feel this is not the case, please talk to us directly first so we can help resolve any problems or queries. Our supporter services team can help on 08000 38 48 38, or you can contact our data protection team using this email address

You can also register with the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS). This service is run by the Fundraising Regulator and allows you to stop email, telephone, addressed post, and/or text messages from us or any other selected charities. Or call them on 0300 303 3517. Once you have made a request through the FPS, we will ensure that your new preferences take effect within 28 days.

You also have the right to contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you have any concerns about how your information has been handled. You can use the link above or call them on 0303 123 1113.

Read more about our privacy policy if you are:

Crisis supporters

1.1 If you visit one of our shops, cafes or Crisis Skylight Centres 
1.2 If you shop with us online 
1.3 If you purchase furniture at our shops or online via Ebay 
1.4 If you donate with a credit or debit card 
1.5 If you donate by text  
1.6 If you add Gift Aid to your donation or when you give us goods to sell in our shops 
1.7 If you contact our Supporter Helpline 
1.8 Collecting information for our Christmas and all-year round appeals 

Anyone who volunteers, fundraises, campaigns, shops with or donates to Crisis is a Crisis supporter. If you fall into one or more of these categories, thank you very much for everything you do for us in ending homelessness. This is the information we may collect about you: 

  • Your name
  • Your postal addres
  • Your email address
  • Any phone numbers you provide
  • Details of any donations or transactions you make with us
  • A record of our communications with you
  • If you have taken part in an event we may hold limited health information about you for example, where reasonable adjustments have been made to enable your participation.
  • Occasionally we may hold the age of a supporter for example where a young person has fund-raised on our behalf – this is to ensure that we do not actively market to children and young people (those young people under 18)

Most of the identifiable information we hold about you, you give us directly via:

  • Email
  • Mail
  • Post
  • Our website
  • Shopping with Crisis
  • Registering for an event
  • Fundraising
  • Online and offline forms (including surveys, raffles, questionnaires)
  • Donations
    • We may also receive your information when you donate to us through third party services like, Tiltify and payroll giving agencies such as Good.

You can decide not to provide certain information, and under certain circumstances you can ask that any information you have previously shared is removed.  

In some situations, we may update your information through other agencies. For example, we might check that we have a valid postal address with the Royal Mail – using their change of address list. We also check whether you are registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) before sending marketing to you. 

During 2023 and into 2024, Crisis will be moving supporter information to a new EU based Microsoft Azure platform. The move increases and enhances how we keep your information safe and secure.  As part of this project, we will be improving the quality of the information we hold about our supporters by reviewing and deleting extraneous information.  

1.1 If you visit one of our shops, cafes or Crisis Skylight Centres

  • Your visit may be recorded on CCTV
    • We use CCTV in all our premises to protect the safety and security of our staff, members, and volunteers who work there. It is also used to support any investigations of any criminal activity in or around our premises. Images are kept for a maximum of 30 days, but the retention periods vary from site to site according to CCTV systems used.

1.2 If you shop with us online

We sell donated apparel through online marketplaces including eBay, Shopify, Shopiago Haru and Depop.

Shopify processes your information on our behalf in Ireland under the EU–UK Adequacy Decision made after the UK left the EU. Shopify may transfer your information to the USA and Canada under their approved international ‘Binding Corporate Rules’. For more information about how Shopify transfers your information please see

Depop only stores information about you needed to send you your order.

If you donate using a credit or debit card, your card details are processed through Worldpay – our payment processing partner. The processing is in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards. We also accept payments through Paypal, GooglePay, BITPay and ApplePay and will soon be accepting donations through Amazon Pay including Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. You may be contacted by Crisis through your Amazon email address for refund purposes. Your user agreement details with Amazon Pay can be found here.

We also accept contactless donations using Liberty Pay where Allied Irish provide merchant bank services. In these instances, your card details may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) by the service provider. Please check their websites for further details.

At pop-up events and in our shops, we use Izettle for card transactions.

1.4 If you donate by text

  • If you are an existing supporter, we’ll match your mobile number to the information we already have about you where we can.
  • If we are unable to match a donation to a mobile number, we create a record to store the gift information and any available Gift Aid and consent data.
  • For details of our ‘text-to-donate’ terms and conditions please see Terms and conditions | Crisis UK | Together we will end homelessness

1.5 If you add Gift Aid to your donation or when you give us goods to sell in our shops

  • We must record the fact that you are a UK taxpayer.
  • HMRC requires that we maintain a record of that Gift Aid for seven years after your last donation to us.

1.6 If you contact our supporter helpline

  • All calls to the Crisis Supporter Helpline are recorded.
  • All calls to our out-of-hours service provided by Angel Fulfilment Services are recorded.
  • Recordings will be stored for thirty days and may be used for quality and training purposes.

1.7 Collecting information for our Christmas and year-round appeals

For our fundraising work we use external agencies to help us attract new supporters. These data brokers collect the contact details of people who have expressed an interest in the work of charitable organisations and who have not objected to receiving communications. This information is shared with us, and we contact these potential new supporters asking them to support our appeals.

We do not retain the details of everyone who receives a letter from us and only hold the information of those people who kindly donate to us.

2.1 Social media 
2.2 Telemarketing 
2.3 Christmas appeal 
2.4 Business-to-business marketing  
2.5 Research and surveys 
2.6 Wealth screening and financial profiling   
2.7 Trusts and Foundations 
2.8 Shopping 
2.9 How long do we keep your personal information? 
2.10 What information does Crisis share with third parties? 

Our main purpose is to run services and campaigns to end homelessness. We can only do so by raising funds and getting support from people who share our values and goals.

To achieve this, we use a range of fundraising and marketing activities. These include direct marketing e.g., direct mail, email, telephone, events, online shopping, campaigns and appeals.

We use your information to help make sure you only hear about the areas of our work that you are interested in and support.

2.1 Social media

We use our social media channels to increase awareness of our work and identify and reach out to new audiences.

Marketing online and via social media platforms

You may see Crisis naturally through your own social media networks on Facebook (or on its other sites Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) or Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

You might also be presented with a targeted advert from us. We use targeted advertising on Facebook and other social media sites to inform, educate and attract potential supporters.

We use Facebook tools and a Facebook pixel – a code from Facebook that we have inserted on our website and our Facebook Page. It allows Facebook to identify people with similar interests and demographics to our existing supporters and then sends them a Crisis advert. We also use a Facebook API which helps power ad personalisation, optimisation and measurement on Facebook so that our adverts are shown to people who are more likely to be interested in them.

The Facebook ‘conversion’ tool then helps us measure our advert’s success – for example if a donation to Crisis is made. The conversion tool also helps us assess the effectiveness of our social media campaigns and ensures we spend our advertising budget to gain new supporters appropriately.

We also measure the effectiveness of our online advertising through Shopify which shares data with Facebook when someone shops with Crisis.

Crisis will keep under review the ongoing debate about “joint” responsibility for personal data shared with Facebook”

Sharing our goals with family and friends 

Crisis is always looking to engage with new supporters to spread the word about what people can do to help end homelessness across the UK.  We are always grateful when existing supporters share our messages or events through social media, so that family or friends can join in to raise funds at this challenging time. Sometimes we may ask you to share our key campaigns with your friends or family through social media when we email you. We do not know who you  share our campaigns and opportunities to support with, us unless a person goes on to sign up and help us. 

‘Remarketing’ and you

We use the Facebook pixel to help us analyse the success of our advertising campaigns and ‘remarketing’. Remarketing means serving targeted ads to people who have already visited our website or responded to calls to action on it.

How we remarket is shared in detail in our Remarketing and Cookies Policy. Information about pages you have visited on our website and your IP address is shared with Facebook. Facebook then presents you with adverts about Crisis based on this information.

2.2 Telemarketing

We like to telephone our supporters to update them on our latest activities and appeals. To do this we use Ethicall – a company that conducts telemarketing. Before we start any telemarketing, we check our supporters’ names with the Telephone Preference and Fundraising Preference Services, this ensures only people who have not objected to being called, hear from us.

  • During a call Ethicall will check that you are content to continue to receive telemarketing calls.
  • All calls are recorded and sent securely to Crisis. We use these records to confirm that you gave oral consent to update your marketing preferences and to review the quality of the call.

You always have the right to say no to hearing from us and to object to our lawful processing of your information.

To tell us that you do not want to receive any more direct marketing please contact our supporter services team on 08000 38 48 38 or by email on You can also let Ethicall know when they telephone you.

2.3 Christmas appeal

Our Christmas appeal is so important to us. It is our biggest fundraising appeal of our year. We rely heavily on contacting existing and new supporters to raise the vital funds needed to help thousands of people not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

We do not keep anyone’s details after this one-time usage unless someone supports us with a donation.

2.4 Business-to-business marketing

Throughout the year and especially at Christmas we contact businesses, schools and religious organisations for help. We may ask if they would like to support us by donating used or new goods, by helping to fundraise for us, or simply by raising awareness of our cause.

To do this we may purchase data lists with generic contact details (emails) of your organisation (e.g. If you do not want to hear from us, it’s easy to unsubscribe from receiving these emails at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

2.5 Research and surveys

Your views on the effectiveness of our services and our campaigns to end homelessness are really important in informing the way we work. So, we may occasionally use your contact details to invite your participation in on-line surveys and research.

To do this research we share supporter information with trusted suppliers like DonorVoice who carry out and evaluate the surveys. Your information is always kept secure and is only used for specific survey and research projects.

Crisis also undertakes research to better understand homelessness. This means that we will decide how your personal information is, collected, used, shared, archived and deleted (processed). When we do this, we will ensure we collect only what is necessary for the project and that you have agreed to this. If any other organisation makes decisions about your information, this will be made clear in the participant information sheet provided to you. For more information, please read our research privacy notice.

Before any research, we will always explain its purpose to you and ask your consent to use your information. You can withdraw from our research projects at any time.

2.6 Wealth screening and financial profiling

Philanthropic supporters

If you are a philanthropist – someone able to make larger gifts to us – we will automatically opt you out of our general fundraising correspondence and organisation-wide mailings. This means all the contact you have with us is completely personalised to you and matches the level of involvement you would like. You can let us know how you’d like to be contacted by the philanthropy team by either calling 020 7036 2620 or emailing

It is also important for us to be able to contact you by post to administer your gift and acknowledge your support. However, if you would rather not receive post, please let us know by either calling 020 7036 2620 or emailing

We may create a profile of you that includes your interests, preferences and the likely level of future donations. We will always tell you if we are holding information about you that we have researched outside Crisis. We will always respect your right to have this information deleted.

We also use research companies. These include Factary, which researches how philanthropists give to other organisations, and Creditsafe and Mouseprice which identify people, trusts or companies with a philanthropic interest in ending homelessness. We use the information gathered to help us shape our fundraising strategy.

2.7 Trusts and foundations

We apply to trusts and foundations for funding towards our services. We research each organisation thoroughly before applying and keep their contact details on our database.

If a trust or foundation rejects an application, we will keep their details and our application information in case we apply to them again. If any trust or foundation does not wish to be contacted by us, we remove them from our active list and delete all personal details.

2.8 Shopping

If you have agreed to be contacted by Crisis on our online shopping marketplaces (eBay, Depop, and Shopify and Huru), we may send you marketing information about our wider activities.

You may change your email marketing preferences at any time on our ‘contact preference centre’. You can find this at the bottom of every marketing email we send. Our Shopify site may also share data with Facebook so that we can track the effectiveness of our online advertising.

2.9. How long do we keep your personal information?

We only keep your information for as long as necessary to use it for the reasons given in this privacy policy. As a supporter of Crisis this is for as long as your involvement with us, or seven years after your last financial transaction with us.

There are, however, two exceptions.

  1. Where someone has thoughtfully left Crisis a gift in their Will, we maintain our records of that pledge so we can carry out legacy administration and communicate effectively with the families of people leaving us a legacy.
  2. Where someone has kindly added Gift Aid to a donation to us we are required by HMRC to retain those details for seven years after the last donation. If you ask us to delete your details, we must retain a minimum level of information to support HMRC’s legal requirement.

2.10 What personal information does Crisis share with third parties?

Transferring personal information overseas

UK data protection law requires organisations transferring personal data outside the UK to assess whether the hosting country will protect individuals’ data.

UK-based organisations can use previous adequacy findings by the European Commission while waiting for UK government assessment.

Several Crisis contracted suppliers store information outside the EU. For example, when you fill in a campaigning data capture form on our website, the data is then transferred securely to our overseas contractors in either the USA or Canada for processing.  

The EU has published a partial 'finding of adequacy' for Canada which does not include not-for profits. So, we use contracts to lawfully transfer information to our processor. We ensure that information is secure when being transferred and when stored with the supplier.

Our new supporter database (scheduled for 23/24) will be hosted by Microsoft Azure in the EU. When we contract a third party to process data for us, we ensure only the highest standards are in place as part of our procurement processes.  

And in the unlikely event of a security breach compromising our protection of personal information we will take immediate action and tell you about it.  

Your marketing and communication preferences

We want to make sure the contact you have with us is personal, welcome and relevant. To enable this, we analyse geographic and demographic information and other information including on-line behaviours that relate to you. This analysis includes your previous responses to our marketing communications. Some analysis is based on the information you provide. Other analysis is provided by external organisations who use algorithms to analyse your online interaction with us and your social media use.

It’s vital you can control how we use your personal information for marketing and fundraising.

To update your information about how we contact you, how often and the types of communications you receive, simply log into our contact preference centre, or call our supporter service team on 08000 38 48 38, Alternatively, email mailto: or use our website to contact us.

Crisis volunteers

  1. When you volunteer for us, Crisis needs to keep and process information about you. The information we hold and process will be used for our management, administrative  and promotional use where Crisis is seeking to attract new volunteers to work in our shops. We may also use your details to send you marketing information where you have agreed to receive marketing from us  


  1. We will keep and use it to enable us to run our charitable business and manage our relationship with you effectively, lawfully and appropriately, during:

the recruitment process 

whilst you are volunteering for us 

at the time when your volunteering ends 

after you have left  


  1. This includes using information to enable us to comply with our agreement with you, to comply with any legal requirements, pursue the legitimate interests of Crisis and protect our legal position in the event of legal proceedings. If you do not provide this data, we may be unable in some circumstances to comply with our obligations and we will tell you about the implications of that decision 


The lawful basis that enables us to process your information  

  1. We process your information to enable you to volunteer at Crisis at Christmas and support our relationship with you. The most obvious example is recording of your contact details in order to notify you of your volunteer shifts and of any information relating to your volunteer experience 


  1. Where processing is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation: for example, complying with health and safety law in certain circumstances  


  1. Where the processing is necessary for our ‘legitimate interests’: this ground enables us to process your personal data where we have legitimate interest (more than simply an economic interest) which is not outweighed by your right to privacy and such processing is necessary in pursuing that interest. For example, to prevent fraud, administrative purposes, to reach individuals on social media who may have similar interests to you and be interested in volunteering for Crisis,  or reporting potential crimes. We will never process your data where these interests are overridden by your own interests 


  1. With your consent where you share more sensitive information with us in support of our monitoring of diversity of our Christmas supporters
  1. All of the information we hold will have been provided by you. The sort of information we hold includes: 

Your online application form with your personal details 

A volunteer agreement if you are a Senior Volunteer 

Correspondence with or about you, for example emails to Team Leaders that may mention your name 

Contact and emergency contact details 

Records of absence 

Information needed for equal opportunities monitoring policy including protected characteristic information  

Records relating to your volunteering history with us, such as training records 

  1. Where necessary, we may keep information relating to any support needs you have notified us of. This information will be used to comply with our health and safety obligations – to consider how your health affects your ability to volunteer with us and whether any adjustments to your role might be appropriate 
  2. We may process special categories of information relating to any disclosed, disability, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, and sexual orientation of the purposes identified in the penultimate section above 
  3. Where we are processing data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time 


When you volunteer with us at Christmas, Crisis want to give you a smooth and seamless experience in joining the thousands of people who share this experience. To do this we work with a number of partner organisations - their details and how we work with them are list below:  

‘My Crisis Volunteering’ is our platform that enables to register to volunteer with us  

if a volunteering role requires an individual to be vetted or DBS checked, we use a supplier called UCheck  

to effectively manage shift allocations we use a platform called Rosterfy  

We may send you text reminders about your shifts using Twilio  

  1. Your personal data will be stored for a period of four years from when you last completed a volunteer application online. If you did not complete an application, we will delete your data after 2 years from you last logged in to the online system.    
  2. If you abandon your registration part way though the on-line registration process, we will retain this information to contact you about completing it or about registering for another year. We will not use your information for marketing purposes unless you have agreed to it within the registration process.  
  3. If you volunteer for us in our retail shops, we may share your contact details with Facebook (META) in order to reach out to people who may have similar interests to you and be interested in volunteering for us. This is called finding ‘lookalikes’ – more details about Facebook lookalike audiences is here  If you do not agree to your information being used in this way please advise us of your objection by contacting  
  1. Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) you have a number of rights with regard to your personal data. You have the right to: 

Request access to, rectification of or erasure of your personal data  

The right to restrict processing 

Object to processing in certain circumstances where the processing carried out on the grounds of legitimate interest and  

the right to data portability in certain circumstances  

  1. If you have provided consent for the processing of your data you have the right (in certain circumstances) to withdraw that consent at any time which will not affect the lawfulness of the processing before your consent was withdrawn  
  2. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Information Commissioners’ Office if you believe that we have not complied with the requirements of the UK GDPR or DPA 2018 about your personal data. They can be contacted via their website, but we would prefer that you discuss concerns with either your line manager, our HR team or Crisis’ own data protection compliance officer before escalation to the regulatory body  

Crisis is a data controller for the purposes of the DPA 2018 and UK GDPR

If you have any concerns as to how your data is processed, you can contact our Data Protection Compliance Officer at

Crisis members (clients)

If you are a Crisis member (client) please follow this link to your dedicated privacy notice where it is available in the most common languages that our members use.

Through Crisis at Christmas we offer our guests organised day centre support and activities, and accommodation where needed in hotels.  If you join us as a guest, we will need to collect some personal information to share with hotels to ensure your safety and that of other guests.  

During your time with us at Christmas you may receive health support from some of our professional healthcare volunteers. If you go on to engage with Crisis after Christmas some health information shared with the healthcare professionals will be stored by Crisis. This is to help our Crisis Skylight services better understand and support you on your journey out of homelessness.  

The paper records completed by the healthcare professionals are stored for eight years by Crisis and then securely destroyed following NHS guidelines. 

Crisis also undertakes research to better understand homelessness and improve our services. Crisis are usually the Data Controller for research studies. This means that we will decide how your personal information is created, collected, used, shared, archived and deleted (processed). When we do this, we will ensure that we collect only what is necessary for the project and that you have agreed to this. If any other organisation makes decisions about your information, this will be made clear in the participant information sheet provided to you. For more information, please read our research privacy notice.

Children and young people under 18

We do not knowingly deliberately market to children and young people under 18. However, this age group is increasingly angered by the injustice of homelessness and want to help us end homelessness and fundraise for us. 

To celebrate those young people who dedicate their time to supporting us, we have launched the Birch Awards. The nomination process (i.e., where a young fundraisers details are passed to us as being nominated for an award) and assessment involve collecting each young person’s details and sharing them with the judges.  

For more details of how we will use young peoples’ details in these awards please see

Christmas guests

When you join Crisis at Christmas time, we will ask you for some personal information. This information is really important as it helps us to give you the support you need, not only over the immediate Christmas period but for many people it is the start of a journey towards ending their homelessness.   
We also use your information to make sure our services are working well and to help our work in changing government policies and reduce homelessness in the future. When we use your information in this way you will not be identified. 
You don’t have to give us information if you are uncomfortable in telling us certain things. But there will be some information you will need to give us if you want to use all of our services at Christmas day centres, be given hotel accommodation, or referred to other organisations who can help you during and after the immediate Christmas period. 
Under data protection law, Crisis must have a lawful basis to collect and process information about you and other Christmas guests. This lawful basis may be different depending on the type of information you share with us, and how it is used. In the main we’ll use your information with your consent, but there may be times when your explicit consent is not needed for sharing information with other organisations. These include: 

  • If we are arranging hotel accommodation for you, we will share your information with the hotel under what is called Legitimate Interest – if we need to share more sensitive information we will share this under what is called substantial public interest in that we are sharing it to keep both you and hotel staff safe– we do not need your consent to share information under this basis 
  • If we are arranging continuing support for you with local authorities as Christmas support draws to a close, we will again share your information under substantial public interest to ensure that they have the fullest information about you to provide a seamless support service 
  • Where we are required to share information to protect you (or another person) from harm – information is shared under what is called Vital Interest 
  • Where, the police may approach Crisis to help prevent or detect a serious crime. In these instances, Crisis will assess how the personal information the police are asking for impacts the success of an investigation or prevents a crime from taking place. Where withholding information could significantly prejudice a police investigation Crisis may share relevant and proportionate information with the police without consent. 
  • Where Crisis may receive a Court Order and are directed to share information. 

The information you give us – your ‘data’ - is kept safe and secure whether it is on paper or on our computer systems. Your information is used with care by our Christmas Volunteers and Crisis staff members to support the work they do for you, both at Christmas time and if you go on to work with us longer term.

The initial information you give us is when you join us at Christmas time or, if you are an existing Crisis Member we may already hold some information about you. Organisations you have been involved with outside Crisis, such as another charity or hostel provider, advice centres, or local authority, could give us information about you too.   
If you agree to Crisis supporting you after Christmas, the information you give us at Christmas will be transferred to our Member database so that our Skylight teams understand the support you need for the moment you start working with them. 

The type of information we keep could include: 

  • your contact details (phone and email)  
  • information about the sorts of help you want from us – and the reasons  
  • information about your physical and mental health – this may be needed to comply with our health and safety and safeguarding obligations, and also help keep you (& others) safe in hotel accommodation 
  • details of your immigration status  
  • information on your nationality  

We will keep most of your personal data for two years after your last attendance at a Christmas centre.  If you agree to Crisis supporting you after Christmas and become a Crisis Member, we will keep your information for longer.  
If an incident occurs whilst you are being supported by us over the Christmas period we will keep that incident information for four year. 
When the two-year period has expired or when you become a Crisis member, we will anonymise your personal information, and retain it in this non-identifiable format to enable us to continue our research and analysis into the causes of homelessness, and the impact we have on helping people out of it. 

You have rights about how your information (data) is used. The laws that help you do this are the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA).  
These laws mean: 

  • you can ask us to show you all of the information we have about you 
  • you can ask us to correct anything that you think is wrong 
  • you can ask us to erase your personal data from our systems 
  • you can tell us you are not happy about our reasons for collecting and processing your data  
  • where it is possible (and in limited circumstances) you can ask for your information to be transferred to another provider of a similar service  
  • you can change your mind where you have given us permission (your consent) to process and keep your information, you can withdraw this permission in some circumstances 
  • you can complain if you think we have broken the UK GDPR or DPA 2018 laws. 

Complaints about data protection can be handled by the government’s Information Commissioners’ Office. You can contact them at 
However, we would always like to try to help you first. So if you are unhappy about the way you think your information is being dealt with at Crisis, please contact our data protection officer on:
Crisis is a data controller of data for the purposes of the DPA 2018 and UK GDPR.