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At Crisis, we have seen that incredible things can happen when people come together and unite around a shared goal. We see this every day when the lives of people experiencing homelessness are changed thanks to our supporters. Together we can create a new standard of living in Great Britain, work constructively with our political leaders on the steps needed to get there, and ultimately fulfil the most basic human right for all – a safe and stable home. Matt Downie, Chief Executive

Our funding priorities

The Journeys Home Fund

By 2024, Crisis' first giving club - The Journeys Home Fund - aims to have supported around 600 people out of homelessness, for good. By investing in our team of expert coaches, you are not only directly transforming hundreds of people's lives but helping to lay down a blueprint for ending homelessness throughout the country. The Journeys Home Fund is an opportunity to closely follow the impact of your generosity through regular updates from our coaches and the people they are supporting, quarterly reporting on KPIs, and the offer of exclusive meetings and events. To learn more about joining a community of philanthropists who are united by the mission of ending homelessness, please get in touch with the Philanthropy Team.

Mental Health and Homelessness

There is a very real need for effective health and wellbeing support specifically for homeless people. As such, health and wellbeing is an important aspect of our work at Crisis, as without these basic needs being met it is very difficult for someone to access employment and housing. Across our 9 Skylight centres we work to signpost people to the health services they need, run a range of homeless specific health check-ins and mental health and wellbeing activities. We also have Clinical Psychologists at each of our Skylights that provide support to our members and provide training and advice to our teams. For more information on how you can support, please get in touch with the Philanthropy Team.

Crisis at Christmas

Every year Crisis at Christmas opens its doors to people who are facing homelessness at Christmas. As a national charity we offer much needed warmth, healthcare, food and company to people experiencing homelessness across the UK. Everyone who comes to Crisis is a valued individual, treated with respect, listened to and cared for and it's the start of specialist support that lasts all year round. From skills training to help with employment, people get the support they need to leave homelessness behind and find a safe and secure home. And they'll have someone standing by their side for as long as it takes.

Our supporters

Shamir, Philanthropist
“Working with Crisis allows me to help others in a tangible and lasting way. It’s not just about ending homelessness, it’s about rebuilding lives - and that’s something I’m proud to be a part of.” Shamir, Philanthropist

Shamir is passionate about ending homelessness and believes that a safe home is the foundation on which lives can flourish. He is now working with Crisis to secure stable homes for members through a ‘Housing Fund’. This year, Shamir will support more than 50 people out of homelessness.

Year in numbers

Ways to support

As a Crisis supporter, we will ensure that you see the full impact of your giving. You can be involved in crucial moments of the project you support. These are some of the wider opportunities you'll have as a Crisis philanthropist:

Make a donation
Join our Giving Club
Donate shares
Gifts in-kind
Volunteer your time
Introduce your friends and colleagues
Share your expertise

Meet the team

Tell us about your journey before working at Crisis and your time working here.
I’ve been in the charity sector for over 15 years, working for a number of health and human rights organisations including Amnesty International, Freedom from Torture, Moorfields Eye Charity and Terrence Higgins Trust. I’ve spent some time in the States, and having witnessed the scale of the homelessness crisis there, I became interested in learning more about ways to prevent and end homelessness. When the opportunity came to join Crisis, I was keen to be part of their vital work in the UK and I continue to learn and be inspired. 

What inspires you about working for Crisis? 
I’m inspired by our wonderful supporters – our work would not be possible without their kind generosity. I am in awe of the commitment and dedication of my colleagues, who are united by a vision and determination to end homelessness. And I gain great inspiration from the members who are at the heart of our work, who use their skills, knowledge and lived experience of homelessness to shape the services we deliver, and our long terms plans to end homelessness.

What are you passionate about?
I have always been drawn to social justice and organisations that are looking to tackle the systemic issues that contribute to inequalities. Everybody has a right to be treated with dignity. We’ve failed as a society when some of us are struggling. This passion to help create a society that is fair and equitable for all is what motivates me. And I feel proud to work for an organisation who are working to a future where everyone has the right to a safe and secure home. In my down time I love music, reading, getting out in nature, and watching women’s sport.

Tell us about your journey before working at Crisis and your time working here.  

I’ve spent the last 7 years working in philanthropy and started my career at my local hospice – a place that provides such love, empathy, and care for people at some of their hardest times. I knew shortly after joining that philanthropy was a real passion of mine, and during lockdown, I embarked on a master’s degree in philanthropy with the University of Kent.  

I was offered the opportunity to join Parkinson’s UK shortly after completing my course and, fast forward 18 months, was lucky enough to become a part of the wonderful team here at Crisis. 

What inspires you about working for Crisis?  

The tenacity, motivation and kindness that everyone shows here is astounding. Seeing and hearing about the life-changing impact we are having on our members is all the drive we need to continue pursuing our mission to end homelessness. It’s also incredibly heart-warming to work with such wonderfully generous supporters who are just as passionate as we are about our work – we simply can’t do what we do without them. 

What are you passionate about?

I believe everyone deserves a roof over their head no matter what their circumstances may be, and should receive the help they need without prejudice or judgement. Growing up near a large city opened my eyes to homelessness at a young age, and since then, I have always felt passionately about treating everyone with dignity, compassion and kindness – you never know people’s stories and struggles.  

Outside of work, you’ll find me on the beach with my golden retriever, Freddie, or scoping out the newest foodie spot in town.

Tell us about your journey before working at Crisis and your time working here. 

I spent my 20’s teaching abroad before moving back to the UK to take on a role selling modernist art at a gallery in Oxford. In 2019 I moved over into the charity sector to work with Philanthropists at Help Musicians, followed by time working with dual tax paying Philanthropists at Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).  

In 2022 a role at Crisis presented itself and I jumped at the chance to join this amazing organisation – I have never looked back. I spend my days, working with some of the most truly philanthropic supporters I have ever known, what a privilege.  

What inspires you about working for Crisis?  

At Crisis, we know what needs to be done to end homelessness, but we recognise that we can't do it on our own. We work in partnership with a community of incredible supporters, partners and organisations all of whom are working towards achieving this common goal.  

When those infamous 'lifestyle choice' comments were made last year, we came together as one, to give a voice to those who had been so grievously and cruelly, misrepresented. In that moment, I was blown away by the power we have as a sector to affect change in public and political opinion and very proud to be a part of the role Crisis has to play in it. 

What are you passionate about? 

I am so grateful to have a home. It's safe and warm and allows me to sleep peacefully at night. For an increasing number of people in our country this isn't the case and that is not good enough. My passion comes from my desire for an equitable society, one that treats people with empathy and dignity and that demands that things change for the better.  

Outside of this, I love fresh air, exploring the countryside with my dog Albus, listening to music and visiting the odd gallery or two. 

Tell us about your journey before working at Crisis and your time working here.

The entirety of my career so far has been in charity. Prior to joining Crisis, I was working for the NSPCC and Childline. I was determined to work in social justice, having studied social policy at Cardiff University, where I conducted my research dissertation on the omnipresent stigma and exclusion forced upon those who experience homelessness. Whilst researching for this thesis, I came across Crisis and was inspired by the variety of approaches this organisation takes to end homelessness. The role of Philanthropy Account Manager at Crisis came to my attention in December 2022, and I leapt at the chance to work here.

What inspires you about working for Crisis?

I am inspired by every single person that my role enables me to work with; members, philanthropists, and colleagues. There is a sheer, collective determination to end homelessness among us that is incredibly motivating. I love being able to work from our Skylights and witness such life-changing work in action.

What are you passionate about?

I’ve really enjoyed seeing our well-being offer (arts for well-being, music for well-being etc) have an immensely positive impact on members journeys and it has motivated me to nurture my own well-being! I have a passion for women’s health and fitness, and outside of work you will generally find me riding, on a run, or dragging my friends to a yoga class.

Tell us about your journey before working at Crisis and your time working here.

Before Crisis, I worked as a Recruitment Coordinator at Google, scheduling interviews across the world for Google candidates of all levels. I joined Crisis in 2019 and have worked in the Community and Events team until recently, when I had the exciting opportunity to join the Philanthropy team.

What inspires you about working for Crisis?

There is a fountain of knowledge here, and the people are incredibly passionate about the cause. What inspires me most is seeing the frontline team in action, supporting our members in the most kind and compassionate manner. Our supporters are also incredibly special. In the past four years I have been lucky to support 100s of our fundraisers undertake challenges like the London Marathon, or swim a length in 0-degree weather, all to raise vital funds for Crisis.

What are you passionate about?

I have always been passionate about the homelessness sector, having grown up in Tower Hamlets and witnessing some of the worst forms of homelessness. However, my family are from Cuba, which means cultural differences taught me a lot about what homelessness can look like in very contrasting settings, and I became determined to learn more about this and how homelessness can be ended. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, knitting (badly), salsa dancing, and at Christmas, I enjoy volunteering for Crisis at Christmas.

Tell us about your journey before working at Crisis and your time working here. 

For most of my career I worked in secondary teaching and educational leadership. With my background as a Geography teacher, I was fortunate to be able to combine this with travel and worked in international schools in Kuwait, Vietnam, Oman and the UK. After returning to the UK, I spent 3 years working in the education and learning team of the environment charity Keep Scotland Beautiful. I am excited to have joined the Philanthropy Team at Crisis and look forward to using my skills to support the team through administration, communications and events.

What inspires you about working for Crisis? 

A golden thread of care and purpose runs through the team at Crisis. The determination to give dignified, individual support to each of our members and willingness to consider innovative approaches to end homelessness are truly inspirational.

What are you passionate about?

I strongly identify with the promise of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) ‘Leave No One Behind’ and believe a holistic approach is the best way to tackle the world’s challenges. For those experiencing homelessness, I believe the dignified and individual support Crisis provides really embraces this approach. I love to learn and develop new skills both personally and professionally. I have recently learned to sew and have made some of my own clothes. I also really enjoy walking my dogs in London or the countryside.


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