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How we work

We work side by side with people as they find ways out of homelessness.

Our decades of supporting people experiencing homelessness informs all areas of our work - from our services, to our cutting-edge research and the political changes we campaign for. By understanding the immediate pressures of homelessness, as well as the wider societal pressures that push people into homelessness in the first place, we can solve homelessness for good in Great Britain.  

Our services  

We work directly with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in 9 areas across England, Scotland and Wales. We provide practical one-to-one support to help people access benefits, healthcare services, employment opportunities, and more. Our main aim is to relieve the huge pressure of homelessness, by helping people find safe and affordable homes as quickly as possible. 

Every person who turns to us for support is treated as an individual, with dignity and respect. How we support someone depends on their individual needs and situation.  

We prioritise supporting people who find it difficult to access or are excluded from services that should be there to prevent or end their homelessness. This includes people with complex needs such as physical and mental health issues, substance use and a history of trauma and abuse. It can also include non-UK nationals and those seeking asylum.  

Find out more about our Crisis Skylight centres 


All of us need a decent home – to be healthy and to thrive. That’s why one of our main goals when working with people experiencing homelessness is for them to find safe and affordable homes as quickly as possible. We provide the tools and knowledge to help people rent, budget, and maintain their homes successfully.  

We also work with landlords to secure a supply of affordable homes for our members.  

For housing professionals interested in our work our housing resource centre has information on how to get involved


Our cutting edge research helps us to understand and highlight the scale, causes and impacts of homelessness. 


With collective action and political will, we know we can end homelessness for good. Our campaign work is shaped from our direct work with people experiencing homelessness and helps tackle the societal pressures that push people to the brink.