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Benefits and employment

Recent reforms to the benefit system are causing homelessness and making it harder for homeless people to get back on their feet.

What is the solution?

We are working to make sure that the benefit system provides a safety net to prevent people becoming homeless. This includes making sure it covers the cost of housing in all parts of the UK. The benefit system has a really important role to play in helping homeless people find and hold onto jobs. To do this it must help people overcome problems related to their housing situation.

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End the housing benefit freeze

Keeping housing benefit frozen during a cost of living crisis is forcing people into homelessness. This is unacceptable.

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Impact on homelessness

Our research looks into how the welfare system impacts on homelessness.


of homeless people have experienced being sanctioned


of homeless people have previously had a job.


There is an immediate and effective way the UK Government could relieve the pressure on people on low incomes: increase housing benefit so it covers the true cost of rent.


In order for employment support to be successful, it needs to meet the needs of jobseekers with tailored assistance, not the risk of losing a home.


In our society, we should all have a safe place to call home. However, almost 30,000 households a...


What you can do

Volunteer with Crisis

Through steaming clothes, to making Christmas special. In cheering on our runners and supporting our clients. You are part of ending homelessness, one journey at a time.

Volunteer with Crisis

We campaign for the changes needed to end homelessness for good.