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Services for landlords

A free, simple and effective way to let your property and make a difference

If you're a private landlord with property in London we want to hear from you! 

Through our work at Crisis we understand the challenges faced by landlords. That’s why we have a dedicated team of professionals from the property sector and front line homelessness services, on hand to help you manage your property, your tenants, and your compliance needs.  All at no cost to your business.

Why we offer services to landlords

Crisis knows that with enough secure, affordable properties for people to rent, thousands of people can avoid falling into homelessness. That’s why we are invested in finding landlords who would benefit from our services, and who will in turn be part of this critical solution to ending homelessness. 

We offer a comprehensive range of professional service packages for you as a landlord, which can be viewed below.

If you’d like to find out more about how our free services can benefit you, get in touch with our specialist team using the contact form.

Please also see our useful FAQs and have a read about the experience of our team below.

We’d also like to hear from you if you don’t want to commit right now, but have ideas or suggestions on how we could develop our service for landlords, so please get in touch. 

Our free services

Landlord package

  • Designated point of contact throughout tenancy
  • Home visit and rent valuation
  • Access to our pool of tenants in London
  • We will match the right tenant to your property 
  • Hassle free letting process
  • Direct rent payments to landlord
  • Mediation and tenancy breakdown prevention
  • Free, optional rental insurance

Tenant package

  • Understanding rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • Tenant suitability assessments
  • Rent in advance/deposits/bonds
  • 1 to 1 coaching and responsive support
  • Dealing with challenges and sustaining a tenancy
  • Income maximisation and money management
  • Mediation and tenancy breakdown prevention
  • End of tenancy support

Compliance package

  • Understanding landlord rights and responsibilities
  • Lettings legislation and safety regulations
  • Applications and Property licensing support
  • Housing and tenancy law 
  • Understanding the benefit system
  • New regulations updates and support


The above is an overview of the free services we are able to offer. See our full list of services and find out more about the documentation we require for working with us.


Get started

Meet the team

Housing Procurement Manager

Nick brings in depth knowledge and understanding of the Private Rented Sector, as well as a wealth of experience working with both landlords in London and with people experiencing homelessness. Nick has worked in housing since 2014 and took on the role of Housing Procurement Manager for Crisis' London-wide Services in 2019.

Housing Procurement Officer

Andrew has been working in the homelessness sector since 2018 and has developed a thorough understanding of the needs of homeless people and landlords in this time. He has an in-depth knowledge of the welfare system, housing legislation, and the private rented sector through his experiences of supporting homeless people out of homelessness and supporting landlords to successfully fill tenancies.

Landlord testimonials

Crisis has a great reputation and has long been established in providing an avenue for tenants and for landlords to help those experiencing homelessness. Knowing the properties we have rented with Crisis have helped to end people's homelessness gives us pride and a sense of contribution we’ve made back to the community. 

 Frank, London Landlord 

The unprecedented occurrence of coronavirus was a major blow to getting a vacant room occupied, but the team were able to help us find a tenant during this challenging time in a safe way for everyone. We have worked with the team for quite some time and I would definitely recommend Crisis to other landlords. The team are genuinely trying to help both the landlord and potential tenants . 

Kamran, London Landlord  

Frequently asked questions

We work with single people who are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. This includes people in temporary accommodation and hostels, as well as people sofa surfing and staying in precarious accommodation.

We will endeavour to find you a tenant once your property is ready to let and we are satisfied that it meets legal safety standards.

We will require evidence that as a landlord you are fulfilling your legal responsibilities and ensuring your tenants are safe. Our team of experts can assist you with this and provide advice on new and changing landlord regulations.

Yes. It is your property and you can decide to take it back at the end of a tenancy, or at any time once the tenancy becomes periodic. You will be required to serve the appropriate notice to the tenant.

This is a unique opportunity to access a free and comprehensive service, tailored to your needs as a landlord and delivered by our team of housing experts, whilst also being part of the solution to ending homelessness.

Yes. Our service is completely free. We’re invested in working with landlords who can help house people experiencing homelessness because this contributes to our overall mission as an organisation.

Yes, our services are available to anybody who can provide good quality, safe and affordable homes for our clients. Our offer was developed to respond to the various needs of landlords, agents, property developers, investors and other professionals in the private rented sector in London. If you would like to find out more about how you could benefit from working with Crisis, please contact

Yes, we can provide you with insurance packages to cover rent, contents, malicious damage and legal expenses. This is available to you at no extra cost to provide you with peace of mind when letting your property to our clients. Of course, we will also ensure that clients put forward are a good match for your property and work closely with you until you are satisfied the tenant is right for you and your property.

Whether you let directly to private tenants or through us, we cannot guarantee that all tenancies will be problem free. In case of dispute or problems, we can offer tenancy mediation to facilitate agreements that benefit both landlords and tenants. This is the most straightforward way to resolve tenancy disputes and provides the perfect setting for a constructive and facilitated discussion. Our teams are experienced in delivering mediation and can help all parties involved to understand one another’s concerns and to jointly come up with ideas for how to end their ongoing dispute.